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An Independent specialist with great standards and business ethics, supporting a successful remote working environment. To Achieve the very best in your objective. My flexibility, dedication and years of experience enables me to apply insight on your vision and work with you in a fluid and iterative process.


My approach not only looks great, it is embraced and easily understood by the intended audience


Accomplishments have met the perfect balance of uncompromising usability and good business sense


I aim to achieve. I dedicate to deliver excellence in your objective and growth on your brand

Strategies That Engage

Delivering Smart design and Compelling visuals. Creatively partnering with individuals, agencies, corporations and organizations across a wide spectrum of industries. Producing visual identity and designs that exceeds limits in branding, marketing, motion, packaging interior and textile.

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My Passion

I work with the latest technologies and data to apply the best approach in communicating your message and brand. My accomplishments are featured in magazines, television commercials / documentaries and short films. I move every project into a creative process with a solid understanding of key drivers and your business goals.


Designing for multi-platforms + presentations with innovative storytelling


Bringing graphics content to life with the principles of movement, composition, design, color, and audio


Designing marketing publications, environmental + product design

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Creative Design from the Big Apple

Designing Innovation for Leading Companies in Every Industry.

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Monday - Friday: 8:00 -20:30 Hrs

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Tri-State Area 24/7
Phone: 917.736.5340
Email: johnny@artconic.com