Creating Print Digital Solutions

Solutions from decades of experience. Designs that capture and intrigue. Designs that evoke emotions and invite engagement towards the objective.


Worked with clients to shape communities and push the boundaries of what’s possible. We have hands-on experience in Project Management, Estimating, Comps, Timelines + Statements of Work, Tailored to your objective and budget

An Independent specialists’ with great standards and business ethics, PROMOTING  remote working environments. While;  achieve the very best in client’s objective. Our flexibility and years of experience enable us to work with you in a fluid and iterative process. While helping other freelancers achieve Gigs with one another.


My standards have gained me an impressive reputation. Being able to employ on site or remotely delivering a defined agency workflow + effective standard processes. artConic’s talents have had its work placed in major and notable publications, all over social networks and billboards and shelves nationwide. In NYC Talent’s accomplishments have been seen on Subways, billboards as well as in various venues through press releases, newspapers, magazines, film and television. We have received awards from the Associated Press for excellence in communicating.


As a specialist in the field of Photography, Media and Film, A&V, Interior, Textile, Graphic and Marketing Design with experiences and accolades that span Three decades. I have worked together as a team and/or independently on projects for TV and Cable Networks, Pharmaceuticals, Sports, Beverage Conglomerates’, City Agency(s) and many more.

Having a passion for my career and always seeking new challenges -utilizing the latest technologies in applying the best approach to communicate your message and branding.



I AM  Dedicated  Passionate  an Achiever  Visionary


My collective portfolio have met the perfect balance of uncompromising usability and good business sense


I aim to achieve. We support to deliver excellence in your objective and grow of your brand


My approach not only looks great, it is embraced and easily understood by the intended audience ​​


I have worked with clients to shape communities and push the boundaries of what’s possible. I have hands-on experience in Project Management, Estimating, Comps, Timelines + Statements of Work, Tailored to your objective and budget. I travel and meet with designated staff to solicit, collect, and analyze provided data. To draft and begin the creative process, while working closely with agency staff to adhere to schedules. Closely updating changes and document service calls to all parties.








  • To produce high quality + effective design solutions for projects not limited to, newsletters, brochures, print and online ads, invitations, banners, posters, promotional merchandise, infographics, and signage
  • Work as an integral part of the creative team to brainstorm and collaborate on team driven projects
  • Maintain brand standards across all organizational communications as appropriate
  • Maintain high standards of service excellence both within the marketing and communications team and with internal agency clients
  • Distributing Agency’s’ message /awareness across a variety of age groups, demographic areas, gender(s) + audiences -through Social Networking platforms, events, transportation hubs and one-on-one
  • Extending ourselves from the neighborhood to surrounding zip codes and political boundaries while providing VCCS education standards and goals
  • Work closely with marketing and communications leadership team to provide innovative creative solutions to key communication pieces that support Agency’s’ initiatives
  • Producing high quality and effective solutions for every campaign / project

Need a Presentation Specialist?

Offering all areas of presentation services. Providing you and your staff with creative, vibrant and compelling templates for your objectives.
  • full functional – easy understanding
  • in various sizes for video and print
  • branded with colors and fonts
  • full imagery and animations
  • Google, Powerpoint, PREZI, Captivate, KeyNote and Presenter